Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Publishing Perspectives Article on Book Fairs Past and Present

Day one of Book Expo 2011 was great - saw many friends old and new...

Read my article from Publishing Perspectives recalling the many Book Fairs that I have attended over a 60 year (and counting) career. It is fun.

Friday, May 20, 2011

StoryCorps Update

I had previously posted the 40 minute StoryCorps PBS oral history interview with my two granddaughters on April 20th. Segments of the interview were rebroadcast on May 16th.

A listener to the rebroadcast send the following e-mail to the station:

"I was driving back to work near lunch time and listened to the StoryCorps interview with Martin Levin. That few minutes lifted my mood. I am 56 and after 13 months of unemployment, I finally had a job. Last week, I learned that my job will be eliminated as of 20 May. I am on the verge of losing almost everything now, and was wondering what to do. I thought my liText Colorfe was beyond repair at age 56, but listening to Mr. Levin, made me realize that I have many possibilities in front of me. He was 61 and started to fulfill a desire to become a lawyer.

I want to thank you for a story that was perfectly timed for me."

Yours truly,

Robert Moore

You may listen to the full interview here, or the rebroadcast in the StoryCorps Atlanta archive. Many thanks to StoryCorps and to