Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Further Adventures of Angel

Most readers recall that Angel is a Golden Retriever who is featured in my book, “All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog” to be published by Skyhorse Press and distributed by W. W. Norton in May 2011.

Angel is a wise and adventurous dog who at 15 years of age is having some health issues. She is making great progress and here is her latest adventure.

Angel decided last night, October 2, when Paula left her out for her 11:00 PM pee in the back yard to vanish into the darkness while Paula's attention was diverted. It was very dark, the moon was obscured and the temperature was a cool 55 degrees. The back lawn is about 50 by 100 feet and drops off into a deep water inlet leading into a Marina.

Paula realized when she could not pick up the sparkle from Angel's collar that something was really wrong. She rushed up the stairs, alerted me and found a flashlight. Both of us started searching in the dark. There was no sound or hint as to where Angel was until Paula surmised correctly that Angel had decided since it was low tide to walk down the 12 feet of exposed rocks leading to the water.

Paula climbed down the abutment in her night clothes, her flashlight finally picking up Angel swimming energetically away from the shore. Paula stepped into the muddy bottom and plodded until she could finally reach Angel who was just about to get into the deep water.

Paula turned Angel around and dragged her back to the shore and then, in her soggy PJs, Paula dragged a reluctant Angel, step by step, rock by rock, up 12 feet to the lawn. Angel in typical frustrated dog fashion, shook herself vigorously spraying even more water on Paula.

Angel was dragged back to the house and deposited by Paula in a warm soapy bathtub, looking frustrated that her first sign of progress, since her terminal illness was diagnosed, was interrupted so unceremoniously. After Angel was dried and brushed she walked to her Posturepedic mattress, turned over on her side, and was covered by a blanket to dream about her almost impossible dream. After the rescue and clean up, Paula got her hot shower and dry PJ's.

As for me, I was the reporter on the scene keeping everyone up to date.

Martin Levin